The AzAFP Legislative Task Force reviews pending legislation before the Arizona Legislature. This committee works with our contract lobbyist, Susan Cannata, JD to ensure that the interests of Family Medicine are represented at the Arizona State House. The staff for this committee is Laura Dearing. The Education Committee helps plan all educational conferences that the AzAFP holds annually. The staff for this committee is Christy Boring.

General Volunteerism

If you have any extra time or would like to learn more about the AzAFP, let Christy Boring ( know and she will send you a project that you can complete from home or work. You can also work at the annual meeting registration desk or during the silent auction.

Research Projects

Do you have a special area of interest? Would you like survey our members? If you would like to conduct research about our members that might benefit the membership as a whole, we are interested. We have a special focus on issues that might be of interest to the Arizona Legislature.

National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL)

These positions are popular so please let Christy know asap if you’re interested in any of these slots: Each year your Academy sends 5 representatives to the AAFP’s NCSC. Each year we need the following categories of members represented:

✓ New physician (7 years in practice or less)
✓ Minority physician
✓ Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender
✓ International Medical Graduate (IMG)
✓ Woman physician
✓ If you would like to attend this 3 day leadership conference (first weekend in May) and you meet one of these categories, please email Christy Boring at

Service On The Board of Directors

Are you interested in representing your fellow members on the AzAFP Board? HAVE YOU ATTENDED NCCL AND SERVED ON AZAFP COMMITTEE? IF SO, AND if you feel that you could commit to one in person and 3 phone meetings per year and that you would be an asset to the Board, contact Laura Dearing at!