Our Bylaws

Changes Effective 3/22/24:

  • Article B:  Updating of the resident elections process to make it fair to all sizes of residency programs.
  • Article E:  Changing the title from Secretary & Treasurer to Secretary / Treasurer since the Secretary did not have a specific “role”.  It’s easier to find one person to serve as both. This is a two year term.
  • Article F:  Removing the term limits for the AAFP Delegates & Alternates because it takes a long time for these positions to meet friends at the national level.  There are also NOT enough past presidents who want to serve in these capacities.
  • Article G:  Removing the term limits for Directors At Large because when a member elects to drop off of the BOD, it is sometimes necessary to have a Director At Large serve an additional year or an additional term.
  • Article D:  Removing the requirement to have 2 of the Directors At Large come from different geographical areas because sometimes this is not possible.  We do not want to preclude members from Maricopa & Pima counties from serving when they are ready.  We will still encourage involvement from members from around the state, but we will not be violating the bylaws when members move away or when their lives prohibit them from continuing to serve.