Process:  The AzAFP Board of Directors is responsible for the performance review of the AzAFP Executive Director at the end of her contract cycle.  Each member of the board and staff is requested to:

  • Complete all sections you feel qualified to complete. If you are a NEW board member you are not required to complete this evaluation.
  • Email completed form to AzAFP President by 5 p.m. on Monday July 15th via email
  • President & Immediate Past President will:
    1. Review the results with Mrs.Dearing

 The results of this process are to be considered confidential. Please copy and paste this document into an email that you can answer the questions within and then send to  

Performance Rating: When completing this evaluation, please do so based upon the job performance for this position during the past year. Please mark appropriate questions using the rating or ranking scale presented below.

“0”      Not Observed or no opinion.  The reviewer does not feel qualified to provide a ranking in this area.

“1”      Unsatisfactory.  Performance does not meet acceptable standards.

“2”      Marginal.  Performance only meets minimal standards.  Improvement is required.

“3”      Satisfactory.  Performance meets normal standards.  Specific improvement recommendation can be made.

“4”      Excellent.  Performance is commendable and highly effective.

“5”      Superior.  Performance is distinguished and clearly exceeds expectations.  Reserved for exemplary performance.

Name of reviewer _________________________________ Date ___________

The time frame your evaluation is based upon:

Summer 2019-Fall of 2020

I.      Personal Qualities (as they relate to her position as EVP)  Please rate Mrs. Dearing on the following aspects. (Feel free to put N/A for not applicable if you have not worked closely enough with LD to answer).

  1. _____ Displays positive attitude
  2. _____ Displays good judgment
  3. _____ Enthusiastic
  4. _____ Takes initiative in a confident manner with scope of responsibilities
  5. _____ Creativity/imagination
  6. _____ Opened minded
  7. _____ Demonstrates professional demeanor
  8. _____ Effective written skills
  9. _____ Effective verbal skills
  10. _____ Admits mistakes
  11. Executive Skills and Abilities Please rate Mrs. Dearing on the following aspects.
  12. _____  Actively and accurately implements policies established by the Board of Directors
  13. _____ Develops sound financial proposals and plans following the direction of the leadership and available resources
  14. _____ Implements and administers the budget effectively
  15. _____ Provides adequate and effective staff support to Board and Commissions

III.      Volunteer Relations/Governance Please rate Mrs. Dearing on the following aspects.

  1. ______ Provides support to Board of Directors
  2. _____ Maintains good relationship with volunteer leaders
  3. _____ Understands and communicates basic tenets of the AAFP
  4. _____ Establishes and maintains good relations with other AAFP state


  1. _____ Maintains good relationships with the staff and members of other medical organizations
  2. _____ Knowledgeable and sensitive to the membership’s needs and concerns
  3. _____ Strives to strengthen volunteer structure to improve decision making
  4. _______ Properly manages a new boss/President each year by gently letting them know that the Strategic Plan should be guiding us.
  5. ________Does a good job with the annual meeting (ACE) and the events included in it.
  1. Professional Leadership Please rate Mrs. Dearing on the following aspects.


She finished serving on an AAFP national commission  in October 2011 after a 3 year term (Commission on Membership & Member Services).  She also was elected by her peers to serve on the AAFP Chapter Executive Advisory Council to Doug Henley, MD. For a 3 year term which ended in the Fall of 2012. Laura started with the AzAFP in August of 2004. Prior to that she worked as the Director of Gov’t Affairs at the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians.

A.   _____ Demonstrates commitment and loyalty to AzAFP.

B.    _____ Encourages innovation and is amenable to change

C.    _____ Works to build consensus on key AzAFP issues and challenge

  1. _____ Promotes professionalism through AzAFP programs and services
  2. _____ Is leading the AzAFP in the right direction
  3. _____ Is who I want as the leader of the AzAFP
  4. ) What would you like to see the AzAFP work on in the next year that is not currently being addressed:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Please use the space below for additional comments (optional) (Attach additional sheet, if necessary)


Feedback you would like to go directly to Mrs. Dearing but not attached to your name (Laura would really like to hear what your suggestions are because this is the only way she can improve).:


If you provided negative feedback in any section of this evaluation, please indicate whether or not you have addressed this issue with Laura:   ________Yes I have.

______ No I have not

Why or why not:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (use space below as needed).